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02. Ichinuke
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China Dress

  • ReNi: I completed 3rd Birthday and got a maid outfit as a prize.
  • Konorai: Nice.
  • ReNi: And a business suit, and a China dress.
  • Konorai: China dress ftw
  • ReNi: Yeah, but it lowers my defense
  • Konorai: So? It's a China dress.
  • ReNi: But I die in one hit if I wear it!
  • Konorai: Sooooooo? It's a China dress.
  • ReNi: I died.
  • Konorai: ...
  • Konorai: China. Dress.
  • ReNi: It's the China dress's fault.
  • Konorai: ...
  • ReNi: Even the maid outfit had more defense.

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